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At the southern most point of the Caribbean chain of islands lies Grenada, The Spice Isle. This jewel of the Caribbean is only 7 miles (11 kilometers) long, covered with lush rain forests and surrounded by spectacular coral reefs. Just 12 degrees north of the equator and 100 miles north of Venezuela, this historical island exudes culture with French, Spanish, African, and native Amerindian influences. The main language of Grenada is English, however, most Grenadians speak Creole or with an English dialect intermingled with words from different periods in the islands history. Explore the island and you will find many historical sights like the ancient carvings at Duquesne Bay, the National Museum in St. George's, or the Carriacou and private Rome Museums at Walker to name a few.

This rich history dates back to the 1600's when Britain and France first tried to colonize Grenada, but found themselves at odds with the Carib Indians who had taken residence there. Around the year 1651 the stand-off between the French and the Carib Indians culminated at Leaper's Hill, which earned it's name when the Indians chose death before surrender to the French. Over the next century Britain and France struggled for ownership, with Grenada being relinquished to the British as part of the Treaty of Versailles in 1783.

During these early years, Grenada earned it's nickname, The Spice Isle, from it's large exportation of cinnamon, mace and cloves to Europe. The skills and traditions of the old cultures are still prevalent today in their ship building and jewelry design as well as Carnival. This traditional event (originally in February) takes place in August and is truly a one of a kind, openly mocking authority figures in the morning hours of Carnival Monday. Teeming with cultural drums and dancing, this is an amazing sight to behold.

This is only a fraction of all that this slice of paradise has to offer. What will you discover when you visit Grenada?