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Four Seasons Mexico City - FACTS AND INFORMATION


Set around a verdant inner courtyard, complete with tropical fruit trees and chirping canaries, our hacienda-style Hotel puts the hectic urban hustle of Mexico’s vibrant capital city seemingly on pause, but only for as long as you’d like. Step outside our doors, and you’ll find yourself on the grand boulevard of Paseo de la Reforma, just a short stroll away from Bosque de Chapultepec and the trendy neighbourhoods of Condesa and Polanco. Want to know what makes Mexico City tick? Join us at Fifty Mils one of the 50 Best Bars of the world and taste the cocktail that are captivating Mexico City.


Our ancestors had an almost-forgotten cure for relieving tension using the famous Mexican rebozo (shawl). We combine the rebozo technique with warm pouches of quartz stones mixed with aromatic rosemary and camomile flowers to give your body deep relief.

This sensory massage combines several ancient techniques and uses Mexican mezcal, chocolate and amaranth to bring harmony and balance to your body.