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Serenity has a home. It is the forgotten paradise of Anguilla.

Say it like An-GWIL-lah, not An-GEE-lah, and you will be welcomed like a native. The name means "eel" for its sinuous, sensuous beaches. In fact, London's Daily Telegraph declared Anguilla to be home of the best beaches in the Caribbean, bar none.

If you are looking to escape monotonous daily routine and break away from the ho-hum – it’s time for a "Hand-Crafted Luxury Experience" in the Caribbean's most exclusive boutique hotels and resorts. Unwind from the grind with a visit to Anguilla. Your mind, your body and your soul will thank you.

Because it is not a destination for gambling, like nearby Saint-Martin/ Saint Maarten, or a party island like celebrity-friendly Saint Barts to the south, Anguilla is often overlooked by the casual tourist. That is a great boon for those in search of a tranquil spot to immerse themselves in pleasure and beauty.

Anguilla belongs to the British West Indies. Although it is a small island nestled in the Northern Caribbean, it boasts a world-class reputation for gentle white sand and turquoise waters. More than a Caribbean gem among gems, Anguilla offers up some of the finest beaches in the world.

Maunday's Bay, featured on the Today show for special wedding events, is renowned for its brilliant white sand, palm trees and blue shimmering aquamarine waters. All this unspoiled beauty stages a dreamworld backdrop for the brightest and most refreshing destination in the Caribbean. Luxury tour operators regard Anguilla as the single most romantic destination among the islands.

Shoal Bay East is the impossibly perfect beach that draws luxury enthusiasts from around the world. At the tables of Uncle Ernie's barbeque shack beneath shady palms, the world's most successful entrepreneurs gather for a game of dominos. The pristine coral reefs provide the ultimate experience in crystal clear diving.

Anguilla is synonymous with peace, pampering, and a vibrant live music scene. As one of the kitchens of the Caribbean, it attracts culinary experts for its varied and delightful cuisine. Staying true to its roots, Anguilla has been careful to remain a luxury destination by avoiding over-development. The result is that seasoned travelers are left to soak in its unspoiled culture and beauty.

If you seek a vacation on the world's best beaches alongside the best open air fine dining, the island of Anguilla is without question your treasure. You simply cannot afford to miss one of the finest luxury beach destinations in the world. Start planning your getaway today.