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Located just 20 minutes from the world’s largest waterfalls, Awasi’s new 14-room lodge is situated on the banks of the River Iguazú, surrounded by the Atlantic Rainforest. Each villa is assigned with a private guide and 4WD, allowing guests to explore at their own pace, visiting where they want, in their own time.

Awasi Iguazú is the perfect spot to enjoy the world famous National Park and its surroundings, while also enjoying especially crafted excursions that go beyond the falls.

After days spent exploring the impressive natural scenery in and around the Iguazú Falls, return to Awasi for a swim in your own private plunge pool, a drink at the bar in the main lodge and long evening meals in our restaurant.


The first known European to visit the Iguazú Falls was the Spanish conquistador, Álvar Núñez Cabeza de Vaca, in 1541.

Argentina's Misiones Province took its name from the Jesuit Missionaries who came to this region in the 1600s. Over the following centuries, they worked to protect the Guarani people and their villages. Their tale is told in the film, The Mission with Robert De Niro.

Room Amenities

Accommodation in private luxury villas.
Excursions in 4WD vehicles, with private guides. All meals, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.
Return airport transfers from Argentina’s Cataratas del Iguazú International Airport and Brazil’s Aeropuerto Internacional de Foz do Iguaçu (please note that reciprocity fees are not included in our rates).
Tailor-Made service from the first moment, taking your interests and expectations into account.


Iguazú as you have never seen it… as it has never before been seen.
We are developing original, authentic and unique excursions so that you can experience the Atlantic Rainforest, its people, flora and fauna.
From the moment you arrive, you will be allocated your own private excursion guide and a 4WD vehicle, allowing you to explore the region at your own pace. This may mean lingering to contemplate a view, waiting patiently to capture that perfect photograph, or letting yourself be guided through the wonders of the Atlantic Rainforest.
The excursions at Awasi Iguazú are divided into zones and themes, the primary zone being the Iguazú Falls. Next, we explore the Atlantic Rainforest, an area of incredible beauty that surrounds the falls. Due to the fact that it is not connected to any other rainforest, the Atlantic Rainforest has 1000s of endemic plants and animals. What is more, it is Argentina’s most diverse area in terms of people and culture.
Excursions include visiting 18th century Jesuit ruins; hidden waterfalls (as well as the famous ones); kayaking through the jungle; bird watching; viewing endemic flora and fauna; and sharing time with local Guarani tribes where guests can learn about ancient artisan crafts and the tribes’ relationship with the rainforest. We hope our guests will leave with an idea of the immense beauty of the Atlantic Rainforest and the importance of conservationism in the area.
In terms of duration, excursions are divided into full-day outings (from 6 to 10 hrs.), with picnic lunch included; or half-day excursions (between 4 and 6 hrs.), returning for lunch at Awasi. After excursions, guests can return to their villa to relax by their private plunge pool.
Our guides are professionally trained in archaeology, history, flora, fauna and first aid, so you can enjoy a trip of a lifetime in a safe, in-depth and pleasant way.
We have guides who speak Spanish, German, French, Portuguese and English. All our vehicles are equipped with GPS and communication systems.