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Getting to Cayo Espanto
Located on its own private 4-acre island, Cayo Espanto is approximately 7-minutes by boat from San Pedro. American, United, Southwest, Copa, Aeromexico, Avianca, Sun Country, WestJet, Air Canada and Delta Airlines offer service to Belize City. Guests arriving at the Phillip S W Goldson International Airport (BZE) in Belize City will be greeted by Cayo Espanto staff, where they will arrange a local flight to San Pedro in Ambergris Caye or helicopter transport directly to Cayo Espanto island. Flight times from Miami or Houston are a mere 2 hours. For guests traveling by local airline, on arrival at San Pedro airport you will be met by our hotel staff and transferred to the resort.
Helicopter Transfers to Cayo Espanto
There are three different routes to choose from in the transfer from the Belize International Airport to the resort.
Option 1: Direct Route to Cayo Espanto (Blue Route)
Upon leaving from the Belize International Airport, you go directly into the breath-taking view of the Caribbean Sea. Flying through the air you will pass over a few small cayes such as the ‘Hen & Chicken’ Caye. Enjoy the scenery of the open blue waters just breathing in the fresh air. Further along, you will pass over Congrejo Caye, and southern Ambergris Caye before landing at the final destination at Cayo Espanto.
Time: Approximately 20 minutes
Option 2: Reef Flight Transfer to Cayo Espanto (Red Route)
After leaving from the Belize International Airport, the flight takes you directly to the exotic view of the world’s second largest reef, Belize’s Barrier Reef. See the small cayes along the reef as they drench in the midst of the deep blue waters, such as Coffee Caye, Montego Caye and Long Caye. Following the path of the reef, be amazed at the different shades of colors of the Reef and look closely as you might see a manatee, dolphin or shark in the waters. Then, it’s one thing crossing over the split of Caye Caulker by land but imagine viewing it from above seeing all the formation of how the hurricane just divided the caye into two separate parts. Further down the path of the Reef you will be able to see the most popular snorkeling site in Belize, Hol Chan Marine Reserve. The flight continues further along the reef where you can be dazzled by the water view that borders our Reef until arriving to the final destination of Cayo Espanto.
Time: Approximately 36 minutes
Option 3: Blue Hole Over Flight Transfer to Cayo Espanto (Orange Route)
After leaving from the Belize International Airport, the flight takes you over the mainland and directly into the crystal Blue waters of the Caribbean Sea. You will quickly have the Reef in view where you will fly over Gallows Pt. At the cross over of the reef you will view the rushing waves that fight to get across the reef. Keep your eyes open too; you may be one of the lucky few who get to see sharks, dolphins, sting rays, manatees or crocodiles along the way.
Turneffe Island is the largest of the three Atolls located in Belize stretching 30 miles long and 10 miles wide. The flight enters over the west of the Island at Snake Pt., then you will enter the Central Lagoon where you will fly over many small cayes before reaching the Northern Bogue and the east end of Turneffe Islands. At the atolls, there are about 200 cayes that are covered by mangroves. The Turneffe Islands are home to many exotic marine animals the more popular of those are the eagle rays, playful dolphins, turtles, huge green morays, giant Jew fish, nurse sharks, reef sharks, grouper, snapper and hose-eye jacks.
The adventure continues as you venture into the open ocean continuing south-east heading towards the Lighthouse Reef Atoll, beyond the barrier en route to the one of a kind Blue Hole. You will first enter the Lighthouse Reef Atoll on the southern end and overfly Long Caye and you will see on the horizon one of Belize’s largest protected areas, Half Moon Caye Natural Monument which encompasses 10,000 acres of atoll and 15 square miles of surrounding areas.
You will then fly inside the Lighthouse Reef heading north to the great Blue Hole. As you go across this spectacular hole, you will be dazzled by its size and color. The Blue Hole is the largest ocean sinkhole in the world, created by a collapsed underground cavern, hence giving the appearance of a dark blue circle amidst the turquoise sea. The Blue Hole measures 1,000 ft in diameter and 460 feet in depth. It is located approximately 60 miles west from Belize City and in March of 1996 it was declared a World Heritage Site and later declared a National Monument in February of 1999.
Your journey comes to an end as we head to back to Turneffe Islands, and then the main reef on your way to your final destination Cayo Espanto.
Time: Approximately 1 hour 18 minutes


Rates provided include the following features:
• Personal Butler Service
• 3 tailored meals per day
• Snacks
• Well Liquor and Beer (excludes Wine, Dessert Wine, Champagne and Cordials)
• Soda, Fruit Juice, Bottle Watered
• San Pedro Airport Greeting
• Non-Motorized Water Sport activities (including sea kayaks and sail boat)
• Scheduled daytime boat launches to and from San Pedro
Guests may also choose to enjoy:
• Full Spa Services (awarded Best Spa in Belize)
• Private Picnic
• Fly fish right outside their door
• Deep Sea Fishing
• Opt for scuba diving or snorkeling excursions on the second largest barrier reef in the world
• Your own personal Houseman
• Private plunge pool in every villa (except Casa Ventanas)
• 3 tailored meals per day
• All of your favorite snacks
• Bar drinks, beer, sodas, fruit juice, bottled water (excluding wine and champagne)
• Airport greetings
• All non-motorized activities (this includes the use of sea kayaks, pedal boats, sail boat

  • and fly and spin reel fishing tackle)
  • Direct flights from:
    • New York
    • Atlanta
    • Miami
    • Houston
    • Dallas
    • Charlotte
    • Los Angeles
    • Denver
    • Chicago
    • Minneapolis-St. Paul
    • Toronto
    • Calgary

    Room Amenities

    Rates include Personal Butler Service, 3 tailored meals per day; guest's favorite snacks; rack bar drinks, beer, sodas, fruit juice, bottled water (drinks exclude wine, dessert wine, champagne and cordials); San Pedro Airport Greeting; Cayo Espanto offers a scheduled, daytime, boat launch to/from San Pedro daily and all non-motorized activities (this includes the use of sea kayaks and sail boat)


      Luxurious, Award-Winning Spa Treatments

    • Swedish Massage
    • A traditional full-body massage incorporating Swedish strokes. Pressure ranges from light to moderate and is customized based on individual needs. (60 min) or (90 min.)
    • Deep-Tissue Massage
    • For those who enjoy a deep massage. Deep tissue massage releases muscular adhesions and restores your body’s natural function. (60 min.) or (90 min.)
    • Aromatherapy Massage
    • Choose an aroma to relax, revitalize, uplift or balance your spirits. Aroma-essential oils treat your mind and body as you enjoy a full-body Swedish massage. (60 min.) or (90 min.)
    • Hot Stone Massage
    • Healing by nature with basalt stones. Warm stones are integrated into a full-body massage allowing the warmth of the stones to penetrate deep into your muscles, melting away tension and stress. (75 min)
    • Coconut Ginger Glow Smells as delicious as it sounds... this sugar body polish will give life to dull, dry skin as well as provide and seal in moisture. Your skin will be further lavished with a warm coconut milk bath, leaving a glow that lingers long after your treatment. (45mins)
    • Citrus Drench
    • Drench your skin with energizing nutrients. An ideal body treatment for sun enthusiasts, shea butter and antioxidants will soften the skin as you relax in a moisturizing body wrap providing an intense, deep hydration. (60 mins)
    • Sea Weed Scrub
    • Take pleasure in a seaweed scrub to relax the muscles and the mind. This seaweed scrub will increase circulation, exfoliate and rejuvenate the skin, and aids in the reduction water retention, restore elasticity, and rejuvenates the skin. (45min)
    • Sunburn Relief
    • Nourish your skin with a cooling blend of Aloe and Seaweed smoothed over the entire body. As the nutrients penetrate the skin, a massage for your face, scalp and feet will leave you feeling pampered. This luxurious sea treatment is especially soothing following a day in the sun and salt water. (45 min)
    • Mayan Coffee scrub & Cocoa Wrap
    • Indulge in an exotic blend of coffees from the Mayan Mountains of Belize. The invigorating aromas of coffee and chocolate awaken your senses while freshly ground coffee exfoliates your skin. Your body is then cocooned precious in raw cocoa which helps slow down the natural aging process putting back a natural radiance and healthy glow in your skin. (60 min)
    • Tropical Enzyme Facial
    • This deliciously luxurious treatment is made with purifying papaya and pineapple extracts. Local brown sugar exfoliates and moisturizes leaving your face feeling clean and fresh! (45 min)
    • Moor Facial
    • This Gentle facial was formulated with a combination of vitamins and minerals to provide a unique revitalizing, anti-stress treatment. (45min)
    • Mens Facial
    • For stressed skin due to shaving, travel and environmental pollution. Enjoy the face, eye and scalp massage while the powerful cleansing and essential oils leave you with clean, hydrated and calm skin. (45 min)
    • Chocolate Mousse Facial
    • Super Moisturizing and antioxidant rich facial, featuring organic cocoa powder, oatmeal and honey. Great for all skin types! (45 min)
    • Pumpkin Hydrating Facial
    • A delicious anti-aging facial treatment that will leave your skin feeling soft, hydrated and youthful. The Pumpkin Moisture Mask restores your skin and helps reverse sun damage (45 min)
    • NAILS
    • Classic Manicure
    • A traditional manicure including a nourishing soak, gentle exfoliation, hydrating hand massage, and full nail care, including polish. (25 min.)
    • Classic Pedicure
    • A traditional pedicure including a softening soak, a gentle sugar scrub, hydrating foot massage, and full nail care, including polish. For those who require light pedi-care. (35 min.)
    • Spa Manicure
    • A warm mineral soak and exfoliating salt scrub revives the skin while a purifying masque warms and soothes tired hands. Nourishing cream is massaged onto hands and arms to complete this rejuvenating hand treatment. Full nail care and polish included. (50 min.)
    • Spa Pedicure
    • A warm mineral soak stimulates circulation while a salt scrub softens dry skin and a purifying masque warms and soothes tired feet. Hydrating foot lotion is massaged onto the feet and legs and full foot and nail care completes this revitalizing foot treatment. Full foot and nail care and polish included. (50 min.)
    • Paraffin Dip
    • Experience the healing and soothing benefits of a warm paraffin wax dip. Paraffin softens skin while the warmth soothes tired hands and relieves joint pain.
    • Chocolate Affair...
    • For two! Enjoy Side by side a Mayan Coffee scrub & Cocoa wrap, Swedish Massages using organic cocoa oil followed by a Chocolate Mousse facial!
    • Couples Escape
    • For Her... Coconut Ginger Glow, Swedish Massage, Facial and a Classic Pedicure For Him... Coconut Ginger Glow, Swedish Massage, Men’s Facial and a Classic Pedicure At the end of the treatment a bottle of wine will be served accompanied by a selection of cheese and fresh fruits (3.5 hrs)
    • Mommy To Be
    • Spa treatments are wonderful ways to promote deep relaxation and feeling of wellbeing during your pregnancy. Treatments can also help to replenish and hydrate your skin at a time when it may be hard for you to physically reach parts of your body. The following treatments are appropriate for most women who are expecting. As with any special activity during your pregnancy, please consult with your physician prior to receiving any spa treatments to be sure that they are permitted. This treatment is best done seaside to help induce the relaxing trance caused by the gentle caress of the island breezes and the calming sounds of the lapping sea. Our special Coconut Ginger Glow allows for gentle exfoliation, followed by a soothing pre- natal massage to relax the body and mind. Then a Spa Pedicure that will assist with the circulation in your legs. You will look more radiant and you'll feel wonderful too! (3hrs)


    Beach Toys
    Full selection of professional scuba, and snorkel gear • Sea Kayaks
    3 Hobie Wave Catamaran Sailboats
    Stand Up Paddle Boards
    1 (35ft) Contender dive and excursion boat equipped with 3 outboard motors
    2 (29ft) Belizean skiff dive and excursion boats equipped with 1 outboard motor
    Inland Belize Tours
    Cave Tubing & Belize Zoo
    Lamanai and New River
    Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve
    Xuanantunich Maya Ruins/Belize Zoo
    Fishing Trips