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A little jewel in the Atlantic, Bermuda draws luxury-seekers from around the world to its sun kissed beaches and crystal clear waters. This British isle has built itself into the perfect idyllic retreat from the standard Caribbean adventure. Seasoned travelers, couples who want a memory unlike any other, and families coming together for an unique shared experience will join those who are looking simply in need of an escape from the ordinary vacation. Luxury tour operators identify Bermuda as the island most likely to satisfy your pampering requirements, with top ten luxury resorts such as Mandarin Oriental’s Elbow Beach Resort. Bermuda's world-renowned beaches provide the peace and quiet that everyone needs to get away from their cares. When you are ready for some excitement, Hamilton, Bermuda's capital city and port, serves up a lifetime of active adventures. With its winding streets of tiny shops, Hamilton presents a quaint appearance. But make no mistake, this is where the world goes to do some serious shopping. You will encounter international business deals over a sumptuous dish of Hoppin' John or celebrities dancing the night away at the internationally renowned Cafe Cairo.

Scuba or snorkel amid the breath-taking coral reefs that surround Bermuda with wealth of shoals and miniature islands. If you have never been certified to dive before, this is the place to do it. You will float along through a dreamscape of brightly colored fish and antique shipwrecks. Bring your underwater camera because no one will believe this underwater adventure waiting for you. Topside you can test your mettle with ocean kayaking or explore the island on a safari yacht. Back on dry land, shape up with some golf like you've never imagined with dramatic elevation changes and cool ocean breezes. Hiking through the rainforest takes a new twist when you follow the route of the "Rattle and Shake", the trail that was once Bermuda's greatest railway line. The unexpected pleasures abound around every turn on this island of pink sand and blue stop signs. Take your mind off daily chores and tee off in one of the five golf clubs in Bermuda.

Here's one more thing to consider before making your vacation plans. How much of your precious vacation time are you going to spend on the plane getting there? The best luxury resorts and boutique hotels in the Caribbean take many hours to reach, often with a couple changes of flights or ferries to islands only reachable by sea. Bermuda is your top luxury resort destination that is a non-stop flight away from New York, Toronto, and London as well as many other cities on the eastern seaboard.

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