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El Silencio Lodge & Spa - FACTS AND INFORMATION


El Silencio Lodge & Spa is an eco luxury hotel located in Costa Rica's tropical cloud forest. Ideal for honeymoons, relaxation getaways, nature lovers, family retreats and wellness travel. Silencio, Spanish for silence, is befitting of a destinatio

Children Policy

Children are welcome at El Silencio Lodge & Spa.

Room Amenities

Accommodations, taxes and resort fees
Premium Amenities
Viewing Deck with Rocking Chairs
Complimentary In-Room Health Snacks Daily
Outdoor Whirlpool Tub
Gas Fireplace
Mountain or River Vistas
Top Tier Personal Care Products
King-Sized Bed or Twin-Day Beds


Esencia Spa
The spa at El Silenco Lodge lets you enjoy the best of Costa Rica’s natural healing ingredients in a luxury hotel setting. The of flowing water, whispering breeze, nourishing earth, and the primal flicker of candles converge in harmony for relaxing massages, facials, and body wraps. Standout features include the al fresco Yoga Deck and the Conical Room, designed to channel the Costa Rican forest’s life energy.

Early Bird Special
Schedule your treatment between 10:00 a.m and 2:00 p.m and receive a 20% discount. Applicable to select therapies.

Esencia Signature Specials:
Meditation Duet (for two)

Organic Herbs Massage - Includes:
Brown Sugar, Coconut & Vanilla Body Exfoliation
Glass of Sparkling Wine & Tropical Fruit

Coffee Ritual

Hot Stone Massage - Includes:
El Silencio Coffee & Orange Body Exfoliation

Volcanic Bliss - Includes:
Avocado Hair Treatment

El Silencio Purifying Revival

Rainforest Aromatherapy

Costa Rican Mud Miracle

Mixed Temperature Stone Soother

High Speed Internet Access

Internet access only in the lodge's main lobby.


Experiences and nearby attractions
Live the thrill and inspiration of the tropical cloud forest. A 500-acre private reserve,
gently flowing rivers, picturesque towns, and hidden waterfalls set the perfect stage for
hiking, cultural discovery, bird watching, and more.
All tours and activities, except for guided hiking and bird watching require at least two

Our well-groomed paths will take you past a pristine creek and mesmerizing waterfalls.
All trails are marked and animal guidebooks are available for complimentary use. We
strongly recommend using one of our walking sticks for added safety and convenience.
Should you encounter any wildlife, please do not disturb or approach. Remain calm
and stand still until the trail clears. For a more in-depth learning experience, an Eco-
Concierge can provide guided tours. On-site.

Chirps, hoots, and flutters are some of our surrounding’s amazing nighttime sounds.
Sunset brings about the signature serenade of insects, birds, frogs, bats, and up to 90%
of the forest’s animal species. El Silencio Lodge & Spa is thrilled to feature a new guided
adventure that allows meditation and eco-discovery. Softly colored floodlights and
other special instruments are used to facilitate species sightings without disruption. Onsite.
Two hours.

Share a special ceremony with your family and leave a long-lasting legacy in the
middle of El Silencio Lodge private reserve. Please contact your Eco-Concierge to
schedule. On-site.

Departs from main building at 6:00am. El Silencio’s own trails are peppered with the
area’s most exciting feathered species. Minute hummingbirds, threatened black guans,
and elusive quetzals will provide thrilling glimpses and exciting photo ops. Perfect for
everyone, from newcomers to experienced birding enthusiasts. On-site.

Hacienda Pozo Azul is an amazing eco-park immersed in the tropical rain forest where
you can set your pace and choose two adventures. Located sixty minutes from El
Silencio Lodge & Spa.
Pozo Azul Adventure Menu:
• Sarapiquí River Rafting
• Canopy Zip-Lining
• Mountain Biking
• Horseback Riding
• Rappelling
• Butterfly Garden

Arenal Volcano is one of the most active volcanoes in the Americas. Feel and hear its
signature rumble... Followed by a visit to volcanic hot springs where you can soak in
mineral-rich water for a deeply relaxing experience. Includes on-site lunch. Located
one hour and forty-five minutes from El Silencio Lodge & Spa.

Combines the Oxcart, Gardens & Shopping tour with the Hacienda Coffee Tour visit.

The town of Sarchi is home to the colorful Costa Rican oxcart. Recognized by UNESCO
as a world cultural heritage symbol, it features intricate designs and a signature “song”
produced by the chime of the rotating wheel. Features tours of the Chaverri Oxcart
Factory and the Else Kientzler Botanical Gardens. Includes a traditional lunch and a little
shopping at Sarchi’s famous souvenir centers. Located 35 minutes away from El
Silencio Lodge & Spa.

Renowned for its ideal conditions for growing gourmet coffee, Naranjo County features
some of the best plantations in Costa Rica. Hacienda Espiritu Santo welcomes java
lovers who wish to learn about the fascinating coffee process, from bean harvesting
and roasting, to brewing. With prior reservations, you can even enjoy a coffee-tasting
course. Located 60 minutes away from El Silencio Lodge & Spa.

Become a savvy chocolatier! A former cocoa bean plantation embedded in the thick
tropical forest of the nearby Sarapiqui basin sets the stage for a delightful (and
delicious) adventure. A guided hike is followed by a thorough, hands-on chocolate
making session. From cracking open the cocoa fruit, to hand grinding, and adding
your favorite extra ingredients, the process is thoroughly explained and peppered with
fun historical tidbits about this “food of the gods”. Perfect for kids and every adult’s
inner child. Located 1 hour away from El Silencio Lodge & Spa.

Enjoy a natural masterpiece! A staggering 400 foot drop opens upon a broad
multicolored canyon where shades of red clay blend with green moss and dense
vegetation. A winding trail takes you to the very bottom to enjoy exciting close-ups of
the roaring mist. For daring souls, a rappel line provides an exhilarating shortcut!
Located 15 minutes away from El Silencio Lodge & Spa.