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Amanwana, Indonesia

Amanwana is basically a nature reserve located on the east of Bali. Set on a beach in a secluded cove overlooking the Flores Sea, the resort is a wilderness hideaway with accommodations in luxury tents. The protected marine park offers some of the best scuba diving and snorkelling in Indonesia, with pristine reefs boasting a large variety of sea life. Amanikan is the camp’s 32-meter coastal cruiser which hosts adventures to Rinca and Komodo islands where the legendary Komodo dragons can be seen. Jungle treks on Moyo offer guests the chance to discover waterfalls and a variety of birdlife of the region.

The island is also home to a deer sanctuary for the indigenous Rusa deer. Tropical fish life is plentiful and varied, with baitfish, morays, lobster, parrotfish, barracuda, small reef sharks, blue spotted and eagle rays. In addition, dolphins, turtles, giant manta rays and the occasional whales can be seen, which shows us how rich in wildlife the reserve is and its a the definite go to place if you like animals and a luxurious jungle experience.