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Hotel Esencia, Riviera Maya

Guests can experience Hotel Esencia in an ocean view suite, garden suite or in a one of a kind private home. Once the home of a European duchess, the main house is the heart of Hotel Esencia. Food, wine tasting, and intimate gatherings with friends will come alive here.

Hotel Esencia’s signature restaurant, Sal y Fuego, is the place for sophisticated cravings. Our menu consists of amazing rustic specialties prepared with an ethnic, Meso American cooking method consisting of seafood and meats simmered in banana leaves deep below the earth. Only naturally grown ingredients from the area are used in the noteable dishes of Sal y Fuego. Hotel Esencia's restaurant Sal y Fuego (salt and fire) overlooks a cenote (underground fresh water pool) that is illuminated at night.

Like other resorts in the area, the Hotel Esencia organizes excursions like snorkeling, horseback riding, jungle walks, and windsurfing. One unique offering, though, is the organic spa, using principles of ancient medicine. Sign up for a massage and you’ll be taking in the fresh open air and the ocean while you relax on the table. Aroma is the first pampering organic spa specializing in fito-therapy, fito meaning plant in Greek. This is a natural remedy for healing that was once discovered in ancient medicine. Plant extracts and botanical essence are used to create harmony and invite peace and well-being. Aroma is set in a tranquil area allowing the outside views to come in and act as a catalyst to the organic ingredients. Relaxing massages, herbal saunas, and facials are performed in a tranquilizing, organic methodology. Our Pavilion of Wind offers yoga and meditation accompanied by an experienced instructor. We recommend making reservations for the spa prior to arrival.

Hotel Esencia is the perfect setting to celebrate your joyful beginnings. The resort is on one of the most beautiful beaches in the Riviera Maya, set in a cove the sea is as tranquil as the everlasting peace transmitted to each guest that gaze upon it. Lush gardens, spacious accommodations, champagne brunch, romantic dinners and private plunge pools are the amenities that wait each individual wanting to celebrate their special relationship. Anticipating your needs we have put together several honeymoon packages for you to choose from.