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Turks and Caicos

The Turks & Caicos Islands are justly famous among seasoned travelers for their crystal clear turquoise seas, white sand beaches, unspoiled Caribbean tranquility, and unquestionably some of the best luxury hotels in the Caribbean.

Only 575 miles southeast of Miami, the Turks & Caicos Islands are made up of an archipelago of eight major islands along with many picturesque cays. The islands are relatively flat, covering 193 square miles. If you are looking to get away, you’ll be thrilled to hear that only eight of the islands are inhabited. On the north side, facing the Atlantic Ocean, rests a long barrier reef which protects the islands while providing superlative vistas for scuba diving and many other water activities.

The Turks & Caicos have long maintained a cordial relationship with the British Crown. In fact, the island nation became a British Commonwealth Colony in 1962. The country retains a distinct British flair and is now officially termed an Independent Overseas Territory.

The highlight of the Turks & Caicos is the island of Providenciales, which features the stunningly beautiful 12-mile Grace Bay Beach, dotted by boutique Caribbean hotels, top luxury resorts, upscale vacation homes, and condominiums.

In contrast to some better-known Caribbean islands, the Turks & Caicos benefit from a pleasant climate with low-humidity and breezy off-shore winds. The main island of Providenciales is especially temperate and comfortably dry year-round. Temperatures average in the mid-70s in winter and mid-80s in summer.

Providenciales, along with the rest of the Turks and Caicos, rests in the Atlantic Ocean on the north end of the Caribbean Sea. These islands have been kept as a seasoned travelers secret and overshadowed for years by their celebrated neighbors. Fortunately, the result has been a refreshingly untainted coast and hinterland known mostly by luxury tour operators. The Turks & Caicos Islands appeal to vacationers looking for a secluded and serene Caribbean destination or a boutique Caribbean hotel.

The Turks and Caicos also appeal to sports fishermen and divers who appreciate the crystal clear waters, spectacular reefs, and rich sea life. The absence of a cruise port on Providenciales and the island's low-key nightlife preserve its exclusivity.

Travelers to Turks & Caicos can enjoy a full range of water sports and aqua leisure activities. You will discover what luxury Caribbean wholesalers refer to as one of the Caribbean's most naturally beautiful settings, where the turquoise water is always warm and inviting. Although Providenciales is the most developed of the islands, it remains a favored destination for those who want to escape their busy schedules and relax.

On the north shore of the island, near Grace Bay, you will find the some of the world’s most beautiful beaches, as well as a long and thriving coral reef, rich in aquatic life. This section of the Turks & Caicos is also home to Grace Bay Club, one of the top luxury resorts in the Caribbean. On the far western end lies the pristine and unspoiled Malcom's Beach, just adjacent to the magnificent, 5 Star Amanyara Resort.

Thirty-five minutes away by speedboat though Parrot Cay is the northern Caribbean's pre-eminent private island. This 1000-acre island now hosts the ultra-luxurious and very private vacation hideaway Parrot Cay Resort and Spa, which has been called the world's most exclusive resort. Movie stars enjoy its solitude and anonymity and now you sample our “Hand-Crafted Luxury Experiences” for yourself.