Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Luxuria Vacations?

Luxuria Vacations is a luxury travel agency that provides high-end travel services to the most avid travelers for Hotels all around the world.

What types of travel do you specialize in?

We specialize in 5-star, high-touch leisure travel.

What travel services do you provide?

Through your personalized Travel Advisor we provide you with everything travel related. Starting with Hotel accommodations, Air travel, Transportation services and concierge assistance.

What makes you travel experts?

Our knowledge and expertise comes only through first-hand experiences.

Why should I book with Luxuria Vacations instead of booking directly with the hotel?

By booking through Luxuria Vacations you are not only able to enjoy unique add-ons but also get to benefit from the advise of your personalized Travel Advisor that will guide you through the entire process making sure that the right destination, hotel and room match your every need.

Are the properties listed on the website the only ones you offer?

The properties listed on our website are the properties that we can blindly recommend to our exclusive travelers. However, there are many other beautiful Hotels that offer the highest level of service that we can still assist you with.

What is our Cancellation Policy?

Written notice of cancellation must be received by Luxuria Vacations. Luxuria mirrors the cancellation policies of the hotel’s the client is booking.

Is there a planning fee?

There is no planning fee or extra service fee, ever. The service we provide is 100% complimentary to the clients.

Do you sell trip insurance?

Yes, we do sell trip insurance.

Do you have to have a big budget to work with Luxuria?

No, "big budgets" are not what characterizes our clients. We work with all types of clients that are looking to enjoy a unique 5-star travel experience.

Should I use Luxuria for short hotel stays?

Our itineraries do not limit the number of nights that any traveler wishes to stay at any given Hotel. We can assist you with any type and length of itinerary.